7 Jul 2014

A little peek into my world- Emily

Hello readers! It's Emily here- and if you're wondering who is this girl? You should go check out the 'About' page. I'm going to give you a little peek into my wonderful life. I hope you enjoy!

A couple of my books (most of them I read years ago but didn't bother to put away properly), my Fujifilm instant camera, my crystal bear.
 A fake rose in a glass jar with a pretty little bow.

My jewelry stand with a beautiful clip I bought in Paris,

 My new dog, Dasher. (Dasher has a separate blog- www.dasherthespaniel.blogspot.com go check it out!)

Honestly, this is more of a peek into my bedroom, and not really into my life. I guess this just gives you a taste of what my sense of style is. I'm quite girly! I love retro things and light colours, such as pastels. My room is still under construction, as I just moved so it is quite messy as you can see. haha
The drawings you see in the background of some of the photos are of Paris. I bought them when I took a wonderful trip there with my mum and sister. I may post a blogspot about my trip… Anyways, that is really just a very quick look into my bedroom/life.

Obviously, there is much more to my life than these four photos! Let me know what you think of this down below. Thank you! xxx Emily

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