31 Jul 2014

Cottage Life

Bonjour! It's Emily (again! Soon enough you're going to get sick of me and want more Maddie!) and this post is going to be all about my weekend at Maddie's cottage.

So, a couple of weekends ago, I took a 'voyage' to Maddie's cottage with her family. Their cottage is on a small island (yeah- they have their own island!) and it is just the most peaceful, gorgeous place to relax that you could every imagine! They have the main cottage, and a bunkee, which Maddie and I slept in.

We did many fun things that include...
* Canoeing
* Swimming (I was freezing cold!)
* Exploring neighboring islands and climbing trees there
* Relaxing in the hammock :-)
* Playing various fun games around the island
* Fishing ( I was this close to catching one!!)
* Water tubing ( SO. MUCH. FUN!)
* Roasting marshmallows and hotdogs on the campfire
* Making s'mores
* And much, much more.

I had such a great time at Maddie's cottage! Her dog and cat were great companions and her family was so, so nice. The food was DELICIOUS and the water was (sometimes) warm-ish.

All in all, I had the time of my life at Maddie's cottage and I hope that I could go back soon! Maddie will (hopefully) be posting a follow-up post about her cottage (from her P.O.V) with some pictures. Thanks for reading!!
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12 Jul 2014

A beautiful beach day and something that sucks

Bonjour! It's Emily here, again. I had a wonderful time at the beach yesterday and tried to get some good shots. Sadly, I left my very good camera at home so I used my phone camera. whoops!
It's also very hard to take good pictures when your wearing sunglasses and can't see the screen on your phone! i really should have planned better…

I know that this is completely irrelevant, but I thought I'd talk about something that really sucks and annoys me. Cankers. Have you heard of them? The few who can say no are very lucky. Cankers are mouth sores. i don't know the exact definition of them, you'd have to look that up. i used to get cankers almost every week and i'd have them fir a long, painful time. That is, until, i ran into a VERY helpful women at my local drug store.

She said she overheard my mum and i talking and didn't want to butt in, but i gladly accepted her help and she told us a story about how her son (i believe) had many cankers and how she helped solve the problem and how they were very bad. THANK-YOU DRUGSTORE LADY! She actually didn't work there, she was just there shopping in the same aisle as us.

What she told me: if you have a toothpaste with whitening in it and you get cankers a lot, that may be the cause of the problem. She said something about the granules rubbing against your cheek and causing cankers. I apologize, i don't remember exactly what she said. So, following her advice I bought a whitening free toothpaste (which is okay since i don't drink coffee, only tea) and poof! my canker problem was almost gone!

Of course, i still get cankers from time to time, but they're less painful and big as the other ones. I had a problem of finding a non-mint flavoured one, because i HATE mint. So, that was difficult. I now have Colgate children's fruit flavoured toothpaste. And although I don't like it, my cankers are gone and my teeth are still shiny (I just brush more now).

So, I hope I helped you canker-ridden readers! I know how much cankers hurt and i hate to think that so many people out there suffer.

I can't guarantee that this method will work, it's just a suggestion!
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7 Jul 2014

A little peek into my world- Emily

Hello readers! It's Emily here- and if you're wondering who is this girl? You should go check out the 'About' page. I'm going to give you a little peek into my wonderful life. I hope you enjoy!

A couple of my books (most of them I read years ago but didn't bother to put away properly), my Fujifilm instant camera, my crystal bear.
 A fake rose in a glass jar with a pretty little bow.

My jewelry stand with a beautiful clip I bought in Paris,

 My new dog, Dasher. (Dasher has a separate blog- www.dasherthespaniel.blogspot.com go check it out!)

Honestly, this is more of a peek into my bedroom, and not really into my life. I guess this just gives you a taste of what my sense of style is. I'm quite girly! I love retro things and light colours, such as pastels. My room is still under construction, as I just moved so it is quite messy as you can see. haha
The drawings you see in the background of some of the photos are of Paris. I bought them when I took a wonderful trip there with my mum and sister. I may post a blogspot about my trip… Anyways, that is really just a very quick look into my bedroom/life.

Obviously, there is much more to my life than these four photos! Let me know what you think of this down below. Thank you! xxx Emily

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4 Jul 2014

Welcome to our blog!

Hi! We're Emily, and Maddie and we are going to write a blog on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. We both love doing things like this (writing blog posts, taking photos, doing tutorials) and so we decided to write this!

Our blog is still "under construction" so it looks plain awful. When we're done, it will look beautiful and be full of everything we love!

Keep tuned to this blog and you'll be sure to find something you love reading about. Thank you!

~Emily and Maddie
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