12 Jul 2014

A beautiful beach day and something that sucks

Bonjour! It's Emily here, again. I had a wonderful time at the beach yesterday and tried to get some good shots. Sadly, I left my very good camera at home so I used my phone camera. whoops!
It's also very hard to take good pictures when your wearing sunglasses and can't see the screen on your phone! i really should have planned better…

I know that this is completely irrelevant, but I thought I'd talk about something that really sucks and annoys me. Cankers. Have you heard of them? The few who can say no are very lucky. Cankers are mouth sores. i don't know the exact definition of them, you'd have to look that up. i used to get cankers almost every week and i'd have them fir a long, painful time. That is, until, i ran into a VERY helpful women at my local drug store.

She said she overheard my mum and i talking and didn't want to butt in, but i gladly accepted her help and she told us a story about how her son (i believe) had many cankers and how she helped solve the problem and how they were very bad. THANK-YOU DRUGSTORE LADY! She actually didn't work there, she was just there shopping in the same aisle as us.

What she told me: if you have a toothpaste with whitening in it and you get cankers a lot, that may be the cause of the problem. She said something about the granules rubbing against your cheek and causing cankers. I apologize, i don't remember exactly what she said. So, following her advice I bought a whitening free toothpaste (which is okay since i don't drink coffee, only tea) and poof! my canker problem was almost gone!

Of course, i still get cankers from time to time, but they're less painful and big as the other ones. I had a problem of finding a non-mint flavoured one, because i HATE mint. So, that was difficult. I now have Colgate children's fruit flavoured toothpaste. And although I don't like it, my cankers are gone and my teeth are still shiny (I just brush more now).

So, I hope I helped you canker-ridden readers! I know how much cankers hurt and i hate to think that so many people out there suffer.

I can't guarantee that this method will work, it's just a suggestion!
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